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Career Options in the Booming Disability and Aged Care Sectors

In Australia both the aged care and disability support sectors are growing due to both an aging population, increased government funding, and the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Within both of these growing sectors there are a variety of career paths and employment opportunities available to people throughout Australia. In this article […]

Lessons For Career and Work Life Decisions in a Post-Covid World

There are plenty of things to normally consider when pondering your career and work-life decisions. But in a post-covid world? What of all those new “decisions” we’ve had to make due to a global pandemic? Well, they tell another story! And the big question now is: What HAVE we learnt – from the many health, […]

What to Do If Remote Working Affects Relationships

It seems like working from home is heaven. You sit on the couch, have fun with your partner, and drink tea. But working as a freelancer, you run the risk of spending time alone — in fact, your partner becomes the only living person with whom you have the opportunity to talk during the day. […]

How to become a Swimming Pool and Spa Builder

What’s not to like about relaxing by the poolside, just kicking it loose on weekends in the comfort of your own yard? Everybody everywhere absolutely loves a swimming pool and everything that comes with it. So much so, that the United States has an estimated 10.4 million residential swimming pools, and close to almost 309,000 […]

Online Classes – Are Your Students Getting Bored? Here are Tips to Keep Them Interested and Engaged

online courses

Many educators from across the globe have resorted to teaching online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus outbreak has affected more than one billion students worldwide following school closures, travel bans, and social distancing rules. For most teachers and students, online platforms are the only means to simulate a physical classroom environment. According to […]

How To Pursue A Career In Fitness While Working Remotely

Fitness Personal Trainer

Our physical and mental wellbeing is at risk due to not only the COVID-19 but also the social restrictions following the pandemic. Before we were forced to stay indoors, the global health club 12% CAGR between 2020-2024. All these trends indicate that a successful career in fitness is possible whether gyms are open or not. […]

5 Ways to Land Your First Job Soon After Graduation


Decades past, students did not have to think about work until after graduation. But today, you must start making career moves early on to beat the competition. Here are some actions you can take to get closer to your dream job right after graduation!

5 Gigs for Those Who Love to Drive

Do you love to drive? Have you thought about choosing a job that enables you to work in a field where you can follow your passion?
If so, we outline five possible gig opportunities for you to consider if you own a recent model vehicle.

What’s Next for School Leavers? Into the Rabbit Hole in 2020!

Right now, tens of thousands of school leavers are looking to their crystal balls to decide what they might do next. Many view that answer as vitally important to the future direction their lives take. But is it really? Does it really matter?

5 Things You Can Do for Your Career in 2020

With unemployment rates at historic lows, many people are considering advancing in their careers. Before you jump back into the labour market, take a few moments to make yourself more presentable as a potential hire to stay ahead of the competition. You’ll stand a much better chance of grabbing your dream career just by trying […]

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