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COL's admin (Stephen Spry) is a freelance web designer and Internet publisher. He has been working online, full-time, since 1995 after leaving an 18-year career as a High School Careers Adviser. Stephen currently operates several websites in a variety of niches, including regional and global web directories. His main web design business is under the brand of Come On Aussie.

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7 Ways To Keep Employee Information Safe And Secure

The safety of employees depends on a few aspects, including keeping their personal information away from prying eyes. Personal data refer to intimate details of an individual, like their identity document, telephone numbers, address, date of birth, and banking details. Other employee data may include certifications and training courses, employment status (such as part-time or […]

Training Options for Concrete Cutters in Brisbane

Read this short guide on what it takes to become a professional concrete cutter in Brisbane. We’ll discuss the things you’re going to learn during the training program and the skills you need to learn before you join the workforce. Concrete Cutters are Needed in Brisbane Brisbane is a large city and it needs a […]

Trade Career Options for Panel Beaters in Brisbane

crashed vehicle

Panel Beaters are Needed in Brisbane The Brisbane area needs a lot of panel beaters as there is a high demand for vehicle body repairs. Every year, hundreds of road mishaps happen, and more often than not, these result in damaged vehicles that need to be fixed asap. But what exactly does a panel beating […]

How To Prepare Yourself For A Successful Bookkeeping Career

One of the most lucrative jobs today is bookkeeping. Many private and public sectors are constantly looking for a reliable bookkeeper to manage their financial records and transactions. Every institution needs bookkeeping professionals, from corporations to small businesses and nonprofit organizations to government agencies and schools. If you see yourself working in the fields mentioned […]

Trade Career Options for Concreters on the Gold Coast

Want to become a Gold Coast concreter but don’t know how to start? Or are you working as a concreter now and wondering if it’s possible to learn more about the job and be certified as one? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll discuss how you can become a professional concreter, what’s […]

Trade Career Options for House Painters in Brisbane

Being a house painter is easily one of the most satisfying jobs today. Giving plain faded surfaces or plain wood a splash of colour makes a house prettier and more inviting. For homeowners, painting the exterior and interior walls is the finishing touch. It’s as if the long and difficult construction process has finally ended. […]

How To Have A Successful Career In Aged Care Services

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, growing old can get so lonely. With friends and family living away, the best solution for older people is to get aged care services. One might choose to go to a nursing home or have someone come over and look after them at home. If you […]

5 Tips To Become A Better Project Manager

Project management is one of the best careers you can ever think of. No matter what sector, project managers are always required to help plan, direct, guide, and organize the completion of specific tasks of an organization. This implies that project managers are always in demand. Therefore, as a project manager, you’re most likely to […]

Is a Niche Career Path a Big Mistake?

There was a time when taking a niche career path, a speciality, or expertise, was the key to getting a highly paid job. Be you the only person who could laminate large boat panels to a surgeon who only specializes in brain surgery. However, over the years, things have changed in a way that has […]

How To Choose the Right Disability Employment Service Provider

All Disability Employment Services providers have extensive skills in assisting people with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries in preparing to find work and assisting employers in supporting disabled staff members in the workplace. Choosing the ideal disability career provider can be challenging to be a companion on one’s job search. Members in DES have a say […]

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