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COL's JOB Guide

In COL's JOB Guide, we've got detailed information on more than 500 Australian job descriptions.

And with each job in COL's Job Guide, you'll find:

  • A detailed DESCRIPTION of the job,
  • Some of the main TASKS a person might normally do,
  • Areas of SPECIALISATION within that occupation,
  • What level of EDUCATION and TRAINING you need,
  • What the EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES might be for that occupation,
  • Some ADDITIONAL information about the job,
  • Links to information on RELATED JOBS,
  • Web contacts for FURTHER information, and
  • Direct links to current JOB VACANCIES in that occupation
COL's JOB Guide

You can view these job descriptions in several ways...


Most people are only really "aware" of an extremely limited number of (maybe 20+?) different occupations. Considering there are actually over 50,000 different sorts of jobs available, that’s a pretty terrible situation...

And while we can't possibly include information on all those jobs, we've roundup up a "small" collection of 500+ of the more "common" jobs for you to have a close look at.

Remember... it's all about making the right career choices! And you can't really "choose" a job that's right for you if you don't have all the info you need to make a proper career decision! 🙂

As well as providing you with detailed job information, COL's Job Guide is designed to make you start thinking about a much BIGGER range of jobs!

And then you have a much better chance of finding a job vacancy which suits you.

Because to make a well-made career decision, it is very important that you find out as much information as you can, about as many jobs as possible.

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