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Training Options for Concrete Cutters in Brisbane

Read this short guide on what it takes to become a professional concrete cutter in Brisbane. We’ll discuss the things you’re going to learn during the training program and the skills you need to learn before you join the workforce.

Concrete Cutters are Needed in Brisbane

Brisbane is a large city and it needs a lot of concrete cutters as there is a high demand within the construction industry. If you’re thinking about becoming one right now or you’re already exploring training options and providers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to explain what concrete cutting is, what the job entails, and where to get training to become one. Let’s get started.

What is Concrete Cutting and When Do People Need It?

Nearly every property whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial contains concrete. With the uptick in construction projects left and right, you, as a concrete cutter, will never run out of projects and opportunities.

So what exactly is concrete cutting?

Concrete cutting is the process of removing a section of the concrete to make way for a window, door, plumbing pipes or many other items. It can also be done to modify an existing concrete floor or to fix electrical wiring.

Removing a section or sections of a concrete wall is one of the main jobs of professional concrete cutters in Brisbane. This is done using a heavy-duty concrete saw.

As a concrete cutter, you’re also required to learn how to cut through floors to install or fix plumbing. You’ll also learn how to saw through concrete roads, driveways, and bridges so they can be repaired and/or improved.

Another aspect of concrete sawing is core drilling. This is the process of cutting a hole in concrete to give way to plumbing pipes, electrical wires, HVAC components, and more. The size of the holes you can drill into the wall can vary, but you will be equipped with the right tools for it.

When do people need professional concrete cutting services?

The good news is property owners and managers are always looking for ways to improve their homes and buildings, so you’ll never run out of projects to work on. You can train under industry experts and later on work for companies like Brisbane Cutting & Coring.

Skills and Knowledge Required to Cut and Core Concrete

Concrete cutting is not a job that can be done haphazardly. You’ll be operating a lot of high-powered and sharp tools, so everybody’s safety is the utmost priority. Precision is a quality prized in this industry, as is being a problem solver and a team player.

All of these you’ll learn during the training period. And the good news is that you don’t need to look far and wide just to find a training program and provider in the city. Would-be concrete cutters can enroll in a government-sponsored Cut and Core Concrete training program.

In this program, you’ll learn how to read and review cutting and coring projects, as well as evaluate the jobsite for any problem areas. You’ll also learn how to read project drawings and see if they conform to government codes and regulations.

You’ll learn how to use power tools safely, as well as which personal protective equipment is worn during operation. Some of the tools and equipment you’re going to operate in the future include a wide variety of power saws, coring equipment, and more.

Another important skill you’re going to learn is how to put signages properly, and how to block off the area to ensure that only workers are allowed in the vicinity.

You’ll be trained on how to cut joints and drill holes. Lastly, you’ll be instructed how to properly clean the jobsite once the job is done, and determine which material needs to be sent into the rubbish bag and which should be recycled. You’ll also learn how to identify problem areas and correct them.

At the end of the training, you’ll be required to demonstrate your ability to properly core and cut concrete in order. You’ll also have to demonstrate your knowledge of workplace safety procedures, and if you know how to choose the right tools and equipment for the job.

But what we’ve mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg for would-be concrete cutters in Brisbane. There’s a lot to learn, so contact your preferred training provider to get started.

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