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How To Pursue A Career In Fitness While Working Remotely

Fitness Personal Trainer

Our physical and mental wellbeing is at risk due to not only the COVID-19 but also the social restrictions following the pandemic. Before we were forced to stay indoors, the global health club 12% CAGR between 2020-2024. All these trends indicate that a successful career in fitness is possible whether gyms are open or not. […]

5 Ways to Land Your First Job Soon After Graduation


Decades past, students did not have to think about work until after graduation. But today, you must start making career moves early on to beat the competition. Here are some actions you can take to get closer to your dream job right after graduation!

5 Gigs for Those Who Love to Drive

Do you love to drive? Have you thought about choosing a job that enables you to work in a field where you can follow your passion?
If so, we outline five possible gig opportunities for you to consider if you own a recent model vehicle.

What’s Next for School Leavers? Into the Rabbit Hole in 2020!

Right now, tens of thousands of school leavers are looking to their crystal balls to decide what they might do next. Many view that answer as vitally important to the future direction their lives take. But is it really? Does it really matter?

Welcome to Australia’s Careers OnLine (COL)

Careers OnLineWritten by professional Careers Advisers, Australia’s Careers OnLine (or COL as we like to call it) has been helping internet Job Seekers with their Career Development and Job Search for 20+ years!

Online since 1995… COL was one of the first employment related websites in Australia.

And today? Well, we still help 1000’s of job seekers around the world every day of the year!

And right now… we’re releasing some HUGE updates to the site!

You’ll find:

A NEW THEME! Nothing says “change” more than installing a new skin on a site. There are still some old sections floating around, so watch out for the dust!

What’s really exciting is our BRAND NEW section – COL’s Job Guide. This contains full information on 500+ Australian Jobs! It is something I’ve always wanted here from the start! So good things come to those who wait I guess! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

UPDATED and REVAMPED content in the Job Seeker’s Workshop! Yep… it was looking a little jaded and boring for today’s audience. We’re part way through as it is a big job… but it’s looking great so far!

We’ve also gone through the Job Links Directory and have done some extensive weeding. And we’re adding great fresh links.

Our Australian Positions Vacant Notices are powering along! These are updated in real time from job boards and employers all across Australia!

COL’s careers blog will be posting lots of exciting new articles to help your career development even more.

And it’s more tightly integrated together and hopefully a lot easier to navigate!

I hope you love the new Careers OnLine as much as I do ๐Ÿ™‚

Stephen Spry

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