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What to Do If Remote Working Affects Relationships

It seems like working from home is heaven. You sit on the couch, have fun with your partner, and drink tea. But working as a freelancer, you run the risk of spending time alone — in fact, your partner becomes the only living person with whom you have the opportunity to talk during the day.

Often, there are problems with the mismatch of schedules, and with the distribution of responsibilities — you sit at home and, in the opinion of others, you cannot get tired. Let’s figure out how the relationship in a couple changes if one of you works remotely, and what to do with possible difficulties.

Advantages Vs. Disadvantages

A study by FlexJobs found that a large proportion of employees believe that moving to remote work will improve their sex life and relationships. About 3,900 people participated in the survey: 64% of them admitted that it will help romantic relationships in general, 80% believe that working from home will allow them to be a more attentive partner, for 53% remote work increases the number of hours available for online dating.

Indeed, there are advantages: remote work allows you to be with a partner, to distract from business. However, this is not always the case: after all, working from home is still a work that requires discipline, dedication and increased self-organization skills. Because of a lack of understanding of these things, problems often arise.

Conflict Can Arise for Any Reason

For instance, a partner working from home takes on day-to-day responsibilities, while a partner working in the office does not handle most household chores. This often causes stress in a couple and leads to conflicts.

How You Can Improve the Situation

There is an approach to these problems.

1. Set a Schedule

Even at home, a schedule is important, where it is written how many hours a person will devote to work and personal life.

2. Work on the Division of Responsibilities

Now, we all know firsthand what it is like when you get too many things to do from your boss just because you are sitting at home. In this case, you need to discuss a list of duties with your partner. Find out who and what is doing outside work commitments.

3. Create a Work Area

This can be a separate table, room, appliances, and headphones of a particular colour. They will show you and those around you that if you use these items, you are working now. Such a measure will not only save you from the moments when you are distracted but will also allow you to distinguish between professional affairs and personal life.

4. Remember Your Appearance

Even if you do not have a video conference, do not neglect your appearance — at home, it is also essential to feel confident. For more convenience, create a schedule for performing body care tasks. While working, give preference to comfortable and nice sets of clothes that will set you up for the working mood.

5. Discuss Problems With Your Partner

Talk about the issues that appear in your couple. Maybe you are distracted by the noise from the TV or a child is crying loudly because he/she has no one to play with. Explain to your partner what exactly does not suit you, and be ready to listen to the complaints of your soulmate, too.

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