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Learning the Right Skills to Succeed in the Workplace of the Future

According to the World Economic Forum, these are the 7 “must have” skills children should learn at school so they can succeed in the workplace of the future:

1. Critical thinking and problem-solving

Schools need to teach children to ask questions and think for themselves.

2. Collaboration and leading by influence

Teach children to co-operate rather than use top-down authority.

3. Agility and adaptability

Children need to be constantly re-learning to keep up with a fast-moving environment.

4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism

Children have to be inspired to become “doers” and innovators.

5. Good oral and written communication

Communicating clearly is key in the knowledge economy.

6. Accessing and analysing information

Children need to distinguish between the fake and the factual.

7. Curiosity and imagination

Children should be inquisitive and creativity should be encouraged.

Future employees will need to be extremely adaptable and be able to learn new skills quickly. The future workplace will be fast moving and present difficult new challenges.

Read more here @ the World Economic Forum

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