"Your task is to make it clear you have the range of skills needed for the job."

2017 the Year for Esports in Australia

The Esports scene in Australia has ramped up significantly in the last 12-18 months! In a country with a low population density and poor Internet speeds, it seems we may finally overcome the tyranny of distance and see competitive Esports take a real footing here.

We’ve had an Esports reality TV show hosted in Australia (The Next Gamer), and Sydney now has its own high performance Esports centre at the SCG.

It seems things are on the improve for Esports in Australia! But what’s that? Don’t you know what Esports are? Well either you’ve been hiding under a rock, or you’ve spent too much time on the couch… 🙂

ANd if you don’t know about something, how do you know you whether you would like to work in the Esports Industry?

Here’s one of the best guides to jobs in the Esports Industry that we know of:

Infographic courtesy of https://www.computerplanet.co.uk

The good news? YOU don’t need to be a pro gamer to score yourself a job in this growing industry.

These are just some of the jobs that are available:

Social Media Associate / Manager – where you develop content for all social platforms

Esports Reporter/Commentator – where you cover the entire industry – games, tournaments, culture, business, sponsors etc

Event Producer/Manager – set up and manage gaming events and competitions

Booth Planner – plan the booth and stage layouts for events

Game Teste – test for bugs and document them for quality assurance

Team Coach – do all the admin and management tasks needed for a playing team

Research Moderator – set up and execute user tests for all aspects of gameplay

Game Designer – build and maintain game content

Motion Capture Artist – work with animators and designers so game processes data smoothly

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