The more the merrier... If you study the following examples you should get a better idea of what a good application letter should look like.

Maybe you could even try to write your own application for each advertisement.

NOTE: Pat and Lee's résumés aren't shown here because you have seen them earlier in the section on Résumés.



We have a vacancy for a young person who
is interested in a sheet metal apprenticeship.
The School Certificate is essential with good
results in Technical Drawing, and at least
Grade 3 in Mathematics.

Interested persons should telephone the
Personnel Department for more information
on 65 4123 ext 28, and written applications
should be addressed to:
    Mr J. Tompkins
    Personnel Manager,
    Brown's Air Systems,
    P.O. Box 711,
    BILLABONG. 2222

                                                       20 Bridge Road
                                                      BILLABONG. 2222
                                                   24th January, 2016

Mr J. Tompkins,
Personnel Manager,
Brown's Air Systems,
P.0. Box 711,

Dear Sir,

      I would like to be considered for the position of apprentice sheet 
metal worker advertised in the 'Weekly Blah' on the 23rd January, 2016.

       I have attached my personal résumé, which outlines details of my 
education, experience and personal information.

       For the past three years I did Technics as an elective at school, and 
I found the metal work and the drawing very interesting. I became even 
more interested in sheet metal work after reading about the work and 
visiting some local factories with the school. After having two weeks 
work experience with G .B. Melon P/L (Sheet Metal Division), I am now 
sure that sheet metal work would be the job I'd like.

       I will be available to come in for an interview at any time 
convenient to you. I can be contacted at home on 661098.

                                                   Yours faithfully,


                                                      (Pat BOOTH)


16 - 18 years. This position includes a little
typing, filing and bookkeeping.   It would be
suitable for a young person who is interested
in office work. Sat. morning work involved.
References required.

Apply in writing to:

            Tailormade Kitchens
            64 Norton Street
            GUM FLAT. 2221

68 Smythe Street, GUM FLAT. 2221. 7th February, 2016. The Personnel Manager, Tailormade Kitchens, 64 Norton Street, GUM FLAT. 2221. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to apply for the position of junior clerk which was advertised in the 'Weekly Blah' on the 7th February, 2016. Attached to this letter is a summary of my education, experience and personal information, and copies of my references. Following a work experience program in September last year, I have become very interested in clerical work. I worked at Patcher Furniture for two weeks so I am familiar with the type of work done in the office of a furniture manufacturer. I learnt filing, invoicing and my typing lessons at Billabong Technical College were also very useful to me during my work experience. Since then, I have read further on office work, and have talked to several secretaries and clerks. I am sure that clerical work would be a good career for me. If you wish to interview me, could you please telephone my Aunt on 66 3356 during the day to leave a message. I am available for an interview at any time convenient to you. Yours faithfully, (signature) Lee GRANT

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