Finding Jobs

Objective: Competition for jobs can get fierce at times! If you only try the normal approach that simply everyone uses... you'll find yourself on the wrong end of rejection letters! You've got to look in all sorts of places if you're going to give yourself a better chance of getting what you're after!

But what's that ? You don't know where else you can look for work?

Seriously, there are HEAPS of places you should use... and not just the one "easy" source that simply everyone else is using :)

Start here for hints on how to find those "vacant" positions!

Attitudes towards looking for work | Using Newspapers | Classified Advertisements | Understanding the Classifieds | Misleading Advertising | Exploring your Phone Book | Networking | Using the Internet

And one of the best places to start searching is to visit our Job Vacancies section for details of around 80,000+ jobs available around the country... every day of the week.

Almost There...
Find an employer, and it'll be time to write your application letters!