OBJECTIVE: A résumé is a vital tool for your job hunt! Unfortunately, it's also one which can be your "undoing" if you don't get it right! Again... you are writing about your personal achievements... something which the majority of people (naturally) find hard to do.

So studying the various examples provided should help steer you on the right track to building a résumé which will get the right sort of attention!

Start with the first item and work through to find out all you need to know about properly crafting a winning résumé:

Introducing Resumes | Identifying your skills | Proving your Skills | The BASIC Resume outline | A Sample Resume | More Samples

Now... since you've got a much better idea of what to put in your Résumé, try our Résumé Generator to help you create a better than average Résumé!

Once that's done...
It's time to look for those jobs!