Job Applications

Objective: You might think this is the process which you use to get a job... but essentially an employer uses it to REJECT unsuitable candidates :) We'll show you what "careless mistakes" can make the employer's task a lot easier... and if you avoid them, will improve your chances significantly.

So... you need to know how to write job applications which will get the right sort of attention!

But Before You Start...

If you haven't done this yet - the VERY FIRST thing you should do is get your résumé ready BEFORE you apply for any jobs!

Got That Sorted?

Great.... Then here's how to write an effective application!

Good and Bad examples | What about these "features" | Our comments on those "features" | More examples | Application Forms | Rules for Forms | Telephone Applications | Why not Advertise Yourself? | Why Approach Employers? | Writing to Employers | Visiting Employers

Scored An Interview?

Congrats! Now it's time to sell yourself successfully in an interview!