Job Interviews

Objective: If/when you get a job interview, remember that you are one of only a select few who has made it this far through the whole process! To understand how to "perform" well in a job interview, it helps to put yourself in the Boss's position, and try to see what they see...

The job interview is a most critical time, and it's probably taken you a lot of hard work to score one... so don't blow it!!!

You be the Boss! | How do You Rate? | Preparing for the Interview | Punctuality Plus! | Arriving for Your Interview | During the Interview | Answering Questions | More Questions | Asking Questions | Non-verbal Communication | An Interview Dialogue | How to Recover from a Disaster! | Experts Reveal Their Secrets | 200 Questions


You've completed all the sections in the Job Seeker's Workshop at Careers OnLine

And hopefully you've secured a job by now!

If not... keep trying and keep practising the techniques we've talked about on these pages :)

An interesting fact is that we change jobs probably four or five (or even more) times in our lifetime!

So, we will see you again at Careers OnLine for a "refresher" course... but not too soon, you hear!