A common problem when filling in application forms (either printed and/or online) is not knowing, or not answering, what the question is asking!

There's nothing worse than a lot of scribbling over or white-out on a printed application form... or making a mistake and realising it only after you've hit the SUBMIT button with an online one :)

Listed below are two separate groups of terms which are commonly found on application forms.

For each group, you must try to match the term with its correct definition.

a. Surname/Family Name

b. Forenames/Christian Names/Other Names/Given Names

c. Maiden Name/Nee/Former Name

d. Preferred Name

e. D.O.B.

f. Home/Residential Address

g. Marital Status

h. Religion

i. Secondary Education

j. Tertiary Education

k. Institutions Attended

l. Dependents

m. Spouse

n. Guardian

o .Disability

1. your birthdate
2. high school education
3. your wife's/husband's name
4. name common to all members of your family
5. female's name before marriage
6. medical or physical problems
7. the people who you support
8. the person who looks after you if your parents do not
9. the name in B which you like to be called
10. names of places you went to in I & J
11. Tech., College or Uni education
12. whether you are single, married, widowed, divorced, separated or in a de-facto relationship-does not have to be completed
13. the names given to you which make you different from other members of your family
14. where you live
15. you don't need to answer this question
a. Convictions/Offences

b. Next of Kin

c. Period of Notice/Availability

d. Referees

e. Armed Service

f. Citizenship

g. Former Employer

h. Work History/Experience

i. Place of Birth

j. Mother's Maiden Name

k. Occupation

l. Declaration

m. Signature

n. N/A

1. any period of time spent in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Reserve Forces
2. signed statement saying that all the information given is true and correct
3. previous person or firm you have worked for
4. your closest relative-wife, husband, father, mother, etc.
5. those times you've been found guilty of trouble with the Law
6. those responsible people who can tell someone about your character and/or how well you might work
7. not applicable, doesn't apply to me
8. person's name written (not printed) by him/her self
9. amount of time needed before you can start new job and/or leave old one
10. what job a person does for a living
11. country/town where you were born
12. country of birth or of naturalisation
13. details of the places/jobs you have been employed in
14. your mother's surname before she married

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