Sample #3...

The résumé sample shown below also follows the basic résumé outline suggested.

However this time a lot of extra thought has been put into their résumé particularly with the layout.

                       PAT BOOTH
               Ph: (870) 9676 1098

    20 Bridge Road,
    BILLABONG 2222
   1st March, 1994


   Coolabah High School, 2006 - 2010
   English           Grade 3 School Certificate
   Maths             Grade 2 School Certificate
   Science           Grade 4 School Assessment
   Technics          Grade 1 School Assessment
   Art               Grade 2 School Assessment
   Geography         Grade 4 School Assessment
   Plus Proficiency Certificate in Technics 2010

Work Experience:

   1. April 2010 to now, casual at Bonus Food Mart, Billabong

   2. January 2009, holiday work at Shell Billabong as driveway attendant

   3. August 2010 - School Work Experience, two weeks at G.B.Melon P/L

Interests and Hobbies:

   I like most team sports and play with the Billabong Junior 
        Basketball Association.

   I enjoy helping my brother in his panel shop at weekends.
   I have assisted my neighbours with some renovations and landscaping.


   1. Ms B Winza (G.P.), 18 Talingo Street, Billabong.

   2. Mr G.B. Melon (Sheetmetal Workers), 71 Reserve Road, Gum Flat.


You can see how the addition of blank lines between sections improved the readability of this résumé

The contact details centered at the top (with no "Personal Summary" heading either) are impressive and easy to find! In this case, using the centering with left justified and indented text in the rest of the résumé does not present a problem for the reader.

However, no contact phone numbers (again) for referees - and believe me, employers do actually want to check with referees from time to time!

The repetition of the words "School Certificate" and "School Assessment" in the Education section is a bit disappointing and tends to affect the overall look and feel of Pat's résumé

More repetition in the Interests section, where each sentence starts with the word "I".


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