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Read through this outline of the responses of three applicants to the same questions asked of them in an interview.

Consider their answers carefully.

Good morning, my name is Ms Martin. You've applied for the Laboratory Assistant's position right?

A. Yes.
B. Yes Ms Martin, I have.
C. Yes Ms Martin. When I saw it advertised I thought it would really suit me.

Can you tell me why you replied to our advertisement?

A. I .... I 'm not really sure .... ahh ....
B. Well, I've always enjoyed science and felt that this position would offer me an opportunity to extend my skills in this area.
C. I think that I'd be really good at this kind of work. In fact I learn so fast that I'd be looking for promotion very shortly.

Do you know exactly what you would be doing as a Laboratory Assistant?

A. Well, I don't really know for sure, but I think it's got something to do with helping out the scientists in the laboratory hasn't it?
B. A Laboratory Assistant helps to maintain scientific equipment, keeping a check on the supplies in the store, and preparing the chemicals for experiments.
C. Oh, a Lab. Assistant helps make sure that all the experiments are done properly.

What sort of student do you regard yourself as . . . did you enjoy studying while you were at school?

A. I wasn't the best student. I didn't really like study all that much, but I did it when I had to
B. I suppose I'm a reasonable student. I passed all my tests and enjoyed studying subjects that interested me.
C. I'm a really great student I didn't have to study much because I always seemed to get by without worrying too much about it.

What were your favourite subjects at school?

A. I liked Science-it was O.K. . . well, at least the bits I understood were O.K.
B. Maths and Science were my favourite subjects at school. I also enjoyed doing History.
C. I'm afraid that I only liked the ones I was good at. The others were so boring that I found them to be a thorough waste of my time.

Do you have any further plans for further study?

A. I hadn't really thought much about it . . .I don't know what courses I could do.
B. Well, I've thought about doing the part-time Chemistry Certificate course at Technical College. I think I would really benefit from doing that.
C. Well, if I had to do it I suppose I would, but now I ve finished school I'd much rather try to get my social life back into full swing again.

Suppose our company wanted you to attend an institution to further your skills.... How would you feel about this?

A. Attend a what?
B. If the course would help me improve my prospects for promotion and help me to be better at my job I would definitely do it.
C. Attend a course? When? I hope it would be in the day time? Would I get time off from work to attend it? I hope it's not at night-my social life would be ruined.

Have you ever had a job before?

A. No I haven't. I've never really been game enough to get one.
B. Yes. I have worked part-time at a take away food store-the one just round the corner. . .
C. No. I've really been too busy, what with all the study I've had to do to get a good result. . .

We have a lot of other applicants for this position. Why do you think that you deserve to get the job?

A. I can't think of any special reason-I suppose I'm no different from most other people.
B. Well, I've found out a lot about this type of work and my research suggests that I would be quite capable of doing the work involved. I also think that I would be able to handle any training course reasonably well.
C. I reckon I'd probably be the best applicant you're likely to get for the job.

Now, do you have any questions you'd like to ask me about the position?

A. No thank you. I don't think so.
B. Yes. Ms Martin, could you tell me what hours I'd have to work, and for whom I'd be working?
C. Yes. . . What's the pay like?

I think I have asked you everything I wanted to. Thank you for coming along to the interview.

A. Thank you Ms Martin. Goodbye.
B. Thank you. When will I know if I am successful?
C. Oh, think nothing of it. . . Could I see where I'll be working?


For each applicant, choose three words/phrases from the list below, which best describes their answers to the interviewer's questions.

Applicant A ............................... ............................... ...............................

Applicant B ............................... ............................... ...............................

Applicant C ............................... ............................... ...............................

Has done some research; confident and prepared; ill-prepared; unsure; arrogant; hesitant; doubts ability to cope; lazy; not interested in the job; an upstart (presumptuous); modest but sure of him/ her self; adequate; pushy; polite; rude; interested; keen; under confident; energetic; has good study habits; has sound attitude to study.

Which applicant do you think would be successful? Why?

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