Using any (or all) of the following "phone books" (either print or online versions)

Try to locate TWO possible employers in each of these fields:
* beautician
* blacksmith
* building swimming pools
* bus driving
* cabinet making
* chicken sexer
* computer sales
* cooking
* data processor
* dental nurse
* dry cleaning
* exterminator
* fitting locks and cutting keys
* floor tiler
* garden landscaping
* jewellery auctioneering
* letterbox distribution of brochures
* manufacturing of carpet
* paper hanger
* paper seller
* pebble paving
* piano tuner
* radiographer
* receptionist
* roofer
* sandstone masonry
* secretary
* selling home units
* taxi driver
* washing machine servicing
* wedding photographer
* welder
* working with old people

These (online) phone books are YOUR Employment Directory!

There are literally THOUSANDS of businesses listed there, so it should be your constant companion in your job search!

The idea here is to draft a letter to the employers you have located, which outlines the type of job you would like, and your reasons why you are interested in it.

Alternatively... create a LIST of employers to actually VISIT in your local area... In other words, put some decent clothes on, and go visit these businesses.. and leave your resume!!!

Will it work ? Well you will never know unless you try it :)

Just remember that vacancies come up ALL the time... and if your "application" arrives at the right time (or is kept on file) you might be lucky enough to score an interview!

Are you using your network to find jobs?
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