Using the Internet For Your Job Search

There's no doubt about it... the Internet has made the job search process a LOT easier... but has also introduced a whole swag of things you need to keep on top of.

Here are some useful suggestions on using the Internet in you job search...

Online Job Vacancies

Firstly... Online Job Vacancies make looking for vacancies easy. They are everywhere these days:

a. on business websites,
b. on recruitment agency websites,
c. on job boards (like Seek),
d. on free classified sites (like Gumtree), and also...
e. on ALL of the above :)
e.g. services which AGGREGATE ALL of these vacancies and reproduce them on the one website - which is the type of service provided by Careers Online in our Job Vacancies section.

The key to using these online services is to keep track of what you are doing!!!

There are so-o-o many possibilities, that confusion can happen very quickly if you aren't organised! Use the bookmarks function on your web browser to "remember" pages... and take lots of (virtual) notes :)

Whichever service you end up using... make sure you take the time and learn how to use their search routines properly. For example... our search tips outline how changing search settings will help produce better results.

Online Applications

It also means that, in many cases, there is now probably on Online Application Process which you will have to go through, which could involve:
  • creating an account on a web server,
  • uploading your resume to a server,
  • filling out an online Application Form, and/or
  • completing an online Assessment Task

With these, the secret is to take things S L O W L Y

Give yourself time and make sure that you actually complete the task correctly... or answer the questions properly!

Have your "electronic" resume on hand so you can cut and paste answers into forms... and that should help reduce the number of spelling mistakes and typos you make.

Online Resumes

There are also lots of places where you can post your resume online. To be brutally honest, many of these are probably more trouble than they are worth, and may expose you and your personal information - which is NOT what you really want to do online :)

Only use these services IF you really need to - i.e. it is a requirement of the particular job board/agency to lodge such details in order to apply for a specific job!

In the past, we have run services which allowed job seekers to post their resumes online... We don't do it anymore as it is more trouble (for all parties) than it is worth.

Company Research

An important part of the job application and interview process for a lot of positions, involves RESEARCHING the company! Working out exactly what it does... where it is... and how you might best fit in... and then using that information to your advantage in your application and interview.

The Internet has certainly made this so much easier... and if you have NOT even looked at a company website before you apply/interview... to familiarise yourself with what the company actually does... then you are very, very silly :)


Internet = Instant Communication... but not necessarily an instant answer to a job application ;)

Keep an eye on your email when you have applied for jobs. If you get something from an employer, make sure you respond / act on it in a timely manner.

Speaking of email... what does your email address "say" about you ? Have you got a "sensible" email address? Or something like ? That (or similar addresses) is probably a bit too much "out there" to use for a job hunt :)

Use email carefully in your follow up with employers, especially IF you are rejected! Don't start a flame war simply because they found someone better. You never know when another vacancy might come up in the future... which they might invite you to apply for.


Your "big" problem with Facebook is probably the inappropriate comments and pictures that might be posted there... which a prospective employer might discover as they research their applicants.

The simplest solution (and don't rely on your friends to NOT post rude comments) is to change your privacy settings so that ONLY your Facebook friends can view your posts (look also for the "future" posts setting and make sure that is also activated).

Apply the same privacy rules to any pictures you might post to your timeline too!

Just remember that any comments you might make on OTHER pages, groups or timelines may NOT have the same privacy settings... and what you say can be seen by the PUBLIC (and possibly your potential boss).

If you "need" a clean Facebook profile for work... then it might be worthwhile setting up another account. Even though that is against FB's terms of service, the reality is that some people DO need an extra account :)

Found a Job Ad You Like?

Then it's time to apply for that job and that opens another new and wonderful world of things to deal with :)
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