Well... after completing the previous sections of our workshop... you should now be well armed with a realistic self concept, have a fair idea of the current job market, and have made some sound decisions about the type of job you are looking for... so now it's time to head off in search of that job.

Woah... hang on a sec :)

Just before you get stuck into the skills necessary to find a job, let's look at attitudes...

Attitudes to Looking for Work

Looking for work can be a full-time job in itself, especially if you are in a highly competitive area! So having the right attitude, right from the start, is vital to handle the stresses involved, and the possibility of multiple rejections :)

Which of these words describes you as a job seeker?

Keen, assertive, scared, apathetic, self defeating, over sensitive, creative, disciplined, couldn't care less, nervous, slack, uninspired, careful, over confident, timid, ambitious, flexible, depressed, complaining,comic, smooth, cheerful, intelligent, impulsive, despairing, organised, cowardly, shy, egotistical, hopeful, bored.

How many hours per day do you think you would spend:

  • reading advertisements in the newspaper?
  • visiting firms and talking to people who might help you?
  • at the CES Office or other employment agency ?
  • doing voluntary work in that field?
  • going through the telephone book for possible employer addresses?
  • making telephone calls?
  • preparing application letter and résumés?
  • doing other things such as ............................?

How could you best arrange your job search time:

  • while you are still at school or in a job?
  • when you first leave school or leave a job?
  • if you are unemployed for a couple of weeks?
  • if you are unemployed for a couple of months?
  • if you are unemployed for a couple of years?

Now... Where Can You Find Those Pesky Jobs?
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