Advertise Yourself

Many newspapers have certain sections in which people who are looking for a job can advertise themselves for free.

The effectiveness of this type of advertising depends not only on:
  1. an employer actually looking through that section of the paper for a possible employee, but also on
  2. how you actually write your advertisement.
Look in your local paper to find examples of advertisements where people are advertising themselves - i.e. the "Work Wanted" section.

One point worth watching is the heading they give to their advertisement.

Don't use such words as "Young", "Youth", "Male", "Female", "Junior", "Apprenticeship", "Hard working", "Girl", "Boy", even though you might think it sounds better.

An employer browsing through such advertisements will be looking for a particular job title, so make sure you name the job you want.

Besides newspapers, where else could you place a sign or notice seeking work for yourself?


Sometimes, supermarkets or shopping centres have boards which you can put notices on.

We've got some sample text from some supermarket signs below. Which of these signs is best? Why?

Keen willing lad, interested in earning money, looking for light casual work on Sunday afternoons. Contact John, 432 Smith St., Slummy Hill.

Attractive, charming young lady interested in finding part time work. Will consider anything. Ring Desiree on 456 3344 after 6.00pm.

Does ironing bore you? Do you find mowing the lawn takes up too much of your leisure time? Ring me and I'll come and help you with whatever you need doing. No job too small for willing worker. Ring and ask for Tania, 63 1234

My namee is Fred Bloggs and I can't get a job and I'm fed up with T.V. I'm good a watchin washing cars and stuff.

Write an ad about yourself which could be placed on such a notice board!


In this modern age, there are lots of places you can "advertise yourself" online... While some are good to use, the majority probably are a waste of space :)

Our general advice is to be very careful about the place/website you use... and be very selective with the personal information you reveal!

There are a lot of scammers who troll the net looking for this type of information, to take advantage of unsuspecting people, or people who have become desperate in their job search.

Just remember - please be careful!

Have you thought about approaching employers directly?
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