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(COL is your personal guide to Careers OnLine!)

If you're stuck because you don't know what to do, or if the amount of material available on Careers OnLine has got you baffled, COL can help sort out the "wood from the trees" so to speak!

After you've finished answering COL's little questionnaire, we will give you some recommendations and suggestions that will help you get the most from Careers OnLine, and start you in the right direction!

O.K. let's go... (and by the way, we'd like to collect just a few stats from you as well, if that's O.K.)

First... the statistics section:

1. Your Sex: Male Female

2. What is your first name? (to print on the report)

3. Your Age:

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4. What Country do you live in?
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5. How did you hear about Careers OnLine?

Now... ask COL!

6. What statement best describes your current situation ?

7. What statement best describes what you might be currently (or shortly) looking for?

8. Do you have a STRONG IDEA of the type of career/s you want to do?

If you answered YES, then indicate which career category or categories from the list below (TWO or THREE) your preferred careers choices might belong to:

If you answered NO, then select TWO or THREE of the following career categories (if any) which most appeal to you:
NONE of the categories listed below suit me!

Agriculture and Outdoor Business Services and Administration
Community Services
Computers and Information Technology
Creative and Performing Arts
Education and Training
Hospital and Medical
Sales and Marketing
Science and Technology
Technical and Manual
Tourism and Leisure

9. Do you have a current résumé prepared? Yes No

10. Do you really know what goes into a résumé? Yes No

11. Are you happy with your current résumé? Yes No