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Home Improvement Installer

No Formal Qualifications On The Job Training Apprenticeship Traineeship Year 10 Preferred

Home improvement installers put in place home improvements such as awnings, curtains, blinds, flyscreens, garage doors, exterior cladding, shower screens and prefabricated windows and doors.


    Home improvement installers may perform the following tasks:

  • check specifications and worksites to plan installations
  • provide quotes for home improvements
  • measure and mark locations for frames, brackets or hinges
  • drill holes in wood, brick, stone or fibrous structures
  • bolt, screw or nail frame fittings into place
  • fit frames and home improvements to structures and fasten them into position
  • attach and adjust mechanical fittings, such as cranks, locks and pull-cords
  • install flashing and weatherproofing to fittings such as awnings, shower screens and prefabricated windows and doors


  • enjoy practical work
  • good communication skills
  • strong personal drive
  • able to think creatively and solve problems
  • able to work efficiently
  • able to stick to deadlines and budget

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No Formal Qualifications On The Job Training Apprenticeship Traineeship Year 10 Preferred

You can work as a home improvement installer without formal qualifications. You will probably get some informal training on the job. Skills are usually developed through practice and experience.

Entry to this occupation may be improved by undertaking some associated formal training in construction work.

You can also become a home improvement installer through an apprenticeship or traineeship from the Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package.

Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10.

Additional Information

    Once you are employed, you may be able to develop, and have recognised, additional skills under the Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package that will expand your career opportunities within this industry.

    In NSW, a home improvement installer who undertakes residential building work where the labour content is worth more than $1000 is required to be licensed by NSW Fair Trading. Contact NSW Fair Trading for more information.


Most people in this occupation are employed in the construction, manufacturing, or wholesale and retail service or supply industries, or work as self-employed contractors.

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