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For many years, the “Job Guide” was published annually by the Australian Government. However, the 2015 Job Guide was the final edition. The information was made available for public use and covered under Creative Commons licensing (more).

That detailed job information is something we’ve always wanted to have here @ Careers Online since we started way back in 1995. But it would’ve been silly to reinvent the wheel while others were doing such a great job at the time.

COL's JOB GuideHowever, as the core info is now freely available, we’ve got it in the form of COL’s Job Guide and can put our own spin to it 🙂

AND make it freely available for browsing on the web!

In our first release (April 2017), the database has been extensively “cleansed”. Bad links have been removed, old links updated, names and content changed etc. New links and new content have already been added. While it is based on the NSW/ACT version for launch, other states will follow shortly!

We’ve given the content a huge makeover! And… we’ve tightly integrated it into our updated and expanded Job Seeker’s Workshop.

But what is very important is our commitment to keep updating COL’s Job Guide as new information becomes available to us!

And that’s where you come in 🙂 If you have any info you’d like to add, or suggest should be removed, then please email us on jobguide [@] careersonline.com.au

We have selected placements available for sponsorships from highly relevant links. Please call me to discuss what you want!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Spry


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