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Artistic Creative Jobs

COL's JOB GuideArtistic/Creative Jobs Jobs included in this interest or skill area don’t only mean being able to paint, sculpt or make crafts.

You may also have an interest, or ability, in music, drama, writing or visual appreciation, or have other talents (in expression or performance).

Also, you may be creative in a more general way such as thinking of different ways to look at or solve a problem.

You may also have an interest in jobs closely related to the arts… For example, jobs in administration, marketing or promotion, which require artistic or creative appreciation.

Here are some jobs which may use Creative and/or Artistic abilities and interest during their normal day-to-day activities…

Artistic Creative Jobs List

Artistic Creative Jobs Clerical Administrative Jobs Figures Computational Jobs Helping and Community Jobs Influencing and Personal Jobs Literary Jobs Medical Jobs Outdoor Jobs Practical Manual Jobs Scientific Jobs Technical Engineering Jobs

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