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Traineeship Year 10 Preferred

Also known as Chocolatier.

Confectioners mix, shape and cook sweeteners and other ingredients to produce confectionery, including chocolate, toffee and other lollies.

Most confectioners work full time.

Senior confectioners provide on-the-job training to junior employees and coordinate work in a team environment.


    Confectioners may perform the following tasks:

  • examine production schedules to determine confectionery types and quantities to be made
  • check the cleanliness and operation of equipment before beginning production
  • weigh, measure, mix, dissolve and boil ingredients in pans
  • operate equipment that refines and tempers chocolate
  • assist with coating chocolate bars and preparing chocolate products
  • control temperature and pressure in cookers used to make boiled sweets, starch-moulded products, caramels, toffees, nougat and chocolate centres
  • operate equipment to compress sugar mixes into sweets
  • check batch consistency using a stainless steel spatula or measuring equipment such as a refractometer
  • sort and inspect finished or partly finished products


  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • neat and clean
  • enjoy working in a team

Interest Area

Artistic/Creative Manual/Practical


Traineeship Year 10 Preferred

To become a confectioner you usually have to complete a traineeship in Food Processing.

Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10.


Most confectioners are employed by confectionery manufacturers and work in factories. With more experience, confectioners can be involved in developing confectionery items with new textures, colours and flavours.

The confectionery industry continues to grow as new brands and products are launched, accompanied by high levels of advertising, investment and other promotional activities.

With experience, and sometimes further training, it is possible to progress to leading hand, supervisory or management positions.

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