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Air Force Technician/Tradesperson

Minimum Age 17+ Australian Citizen Year 10 Preferred Subject Prerequisites Interview Medical Exams Aptitude Tests

Also known as RAAF Technical and Trade.

Air Force technicians and tradespersons undertake a variety of technical and trades-related jobs in the Air Force, including assisting with the construction and maintenance of Air Force equipment and buildings.

Air Force technicians and tradespeople may specialise as an/a:

Aircraft Life Support Fitter - ensures all aircraft safety equipment is fully operational, including parachutes, life rafts, anti-gravity suits, flying helmets and breathing apparatus.

Aircraft Structural Technician - fixes structural components like wings, fuselage and engine structures on all military aircraft.

Carpenter - designs, constructs, maintains and repairs all non-aircraft buildings and equipment, from site planning and excavation to tiling and glazing.

Electrician - installs, maintains and repairs power and lighting systems for both industrial and domestic installations, and manages the operation of base emergency power supply.

Fitter and Turner (Ground Mechanical Engineering Fitter) - manufactures and modifies tools, jigs and dies. They also test and service ground support equipment and workshop plant machinery, and repair mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

Motor Mechanic (Ground Support Equipment Technician) - maintains motor transport vehicles, ground support equipment, aircraft arrester systems, marine craft, refuelling equipment and installations.

Plumber - installs, maintains and repairs Air Force water systems, including sanitary and sewerage systems, roofing, guttering, hot water systems and gas appliances.


  • at least 17 years of age
  • able to pass applicable medical and aptitude tests
  • willing to accept responsibility
  • enjoy leading and motivating others
  • willing to serve anywhere in Australia or overseas
  • Australian citizenship

Interest Area

Manual/Practical Technical/Engineering


Minimum Age 17+ Australian Citizen Year 10 Preferred Subject Prerequisites Interview Medical Exams Aptitude Tests

To work in a trade within the Air Force, you will need to complete Year 10 with passes in English, mathematics and science. Some specialisations require you to have an existing trade or technical qualification.

To join the Air Force you will also need to successfully complete a series of aptitude tests, medical assessments and selection interviews. All new recruits are required to undertake basic Air Force training at RAAF Base Wagga, in Wagga Wagga, NSW, prior to commencing employment training in their chosen job role. All trade qualifications obtained in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) are nationally recognised.

Becoming an aircraft life support fitter, aircraft structural technician or a ground support equipment technician involves additional Air Force training. The duration of this training varies for each specialisation and may require interstate travel.

To enter the Air Force as a carpenter, electrician, ground mechanical engineering fitter or plumber, you will need to hold appropriate civilian qualifications in the relevant area. Please contact your closest Defence Force Recruiting Centre for full details.


Recruitment into the Australian Defence Force is conducted on an Australia-wide basis all year round.

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