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Car Park Attendant

No Formal Qualifications Year 10 Preferred On The Job Training Licence Police Check

Car park attendants direct drivers to parking positions, collect parking fees from customers and ensure cars are safe from theft and damage.

Some car park attendants work under cover in large multistorey or basement car parks, but many work outside in all weather conditions.

Car park attendants must be prepared to work evenings, weekends and public holidays.

In a small car park, the car park attendant may work alone.


    Car park attendants may perform the following tasks:

  • drive and direct cars within parking areas
  • issue tickets at time of arrival
  • collect parking fees from customers
  • use a cash register
  • open and close gates to allow entry to and exit from parking areas
  • load and carry out minor maintenance on ticket or payment machines
  • clean up spills and broken glass
  • count money at the end of the day


  • integrity and reliability
  • a pleasant manner when dealing with the public
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • capable of handling money
  • good driving skills (to work as a valet driver)

Interest Area

Manual/Practical Helping/Community Service


Valet Driver - drives cars for customers or guests at particular venues (such as hotels and restaurants) to a supervised parking area, and returns vehicles to guests when they are ready to leave the venue.


No Formal Qualifications Year 10 Preferred On The Job Training Licence Police Check

You can work as a car park attendant without formal qualifications, but employers generally require Year 10. You will probably get some informal training on the job.

Additional Information

    You will need an unrestricted and valid drivers licence to work as a valet driver. A police clearance and traffic history check may also be required. You may also need a drivers licence to work as a car park attendant.


Car park attendants are employed in public and private car parks by car park operators, hotels, airports and shopping centres. Opportunities for promotion are limited, but an attendant could advance to supervisory levels. Previous experience in a professional driving or car rental role may be advantageous when applying for a position as a valet driver.

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