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Jobs By Interest Area

COL's JOB GuideAn extremely important part of choosing a career is getting information about jobs which suit your interests and abilities!

This section presents lists of jobs by Interest area, and those link to detailed information on each of the jobs listed.

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Jobs Listed by Interest Area

Artistic Creative JobsArtistic Creative Jobs
Workers have an interest, or ability, in painting, scultpure, crafts, music, drama, writing or visual appreciation. Or they may have other talents in expression or performance. You may also be creative in a more general way ie thinking of different ways to look at or solve a problem.

Clerical / Administrative JobsClerical / Administrative Jobs
People who work in these jobs write reports and letters, or organise, check and record information accurately. They might plan, organise and supervise office activities, company programs and other workers. From time to time they may work out of the office.

Figures Computational JobsFigures Computational Jobs
Here you might like to work with numbers, formulae and statistics, and to make calculations, estimations and costings. Many people in this area have analytical minds. They may also use data to make predictions or forecasts on economic, social, population or other trends.

Helping and Community JobsHelping and Community Service Jobs
People who work in Helping and Community Service Jobs may be the kind of person who is interested in helping or teaching people. They could be involved in community welfare, education, health care, research or information services.

Influencing and Personal JobsInfluencing and Personal Contact Jobs
People who work in these jobs normally find it easy to communicate with a wide range of people. Work might involve discussing issues and influencing people’s behaviour or ideas. Workers should have good reasoning and listening skills, and make a good impression.

Literary JobsLiterary Jobs
Literary people like to work with words and ideas, in reading, writing or discussion. This may include creating original work, or editing and reviewing (critiquing) other people’s work. You also enjoy expressing your thoughts and opinions, after seeking information on all aspects.

Medical JobsMedical Jobs
In Medical Jobs, you would be working with people in preventing, relieving or curing physical and mental injuries, impairments and other medical conditions. You may also work with patients. Or you could be involved in administration, research, and/or education.

Outdoor JobsOutdoor Jobs
Workers like to work out in the open and move about. They may often work from, and report back to, a central location. Many indoor jobs may involve some outdoor work. The amount of time spent outdoors depends on an employer’s operations or the type of job or location.

Practical Manual JobsPractical Manual Jobs
People who work in practical manual jobs might enjoy using their hands or operation tools to prepare, make or repair things. They may prefer more practical tasks where precision and accuracy are often important.

Scientific JobsScientific Jobs
Working in Scientific Jobs includes research and experimentation where you might observe, investigate and inquire into scientific or technical processes. Patience and persistence is needed for long-term / complicated experiments and observations.

Technical Engineering JobsTechnical Engineering Jobs
Workers in this field like to work with tools, equipment or machines, either in their design, construction, maintenance or use. They work with technical manuals, blueprints or plans. They use computers as an aid to design, manufacture or monitoring.

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