Jobs Which Won’t Suit Me

Job InformationSometimes it is easier to think of the things we DISlike, rather than the things we like.

So, think about each of the following “tasks”, and whether you like it, or not! πŸ™‚

Read each statement carefully…

And decide whether that description is or would be TRUE or FALSE for you.

  • I hate getting all messy and dirty
  • Telephones really annoy me
  • People with problems are a pain
  • I hate really noisy places
  • Selling things is hard for me
  • I hate working inside all the time
  • I don’t like dealing with people
  • Shift work limits my lifestyle
  • I don’t like wearing uniforms
  • Meeting deadlines makes me tense
  • I can talk, but writing things down isn’t for me
  • Machines and technology confuse me
  • I’m physically very fragile
  • I’d rather not work with others
  • I’m a real gossip
  • My concentration span is less than 15 minutes
  • I know what to do in emergencies – PANIC
  • Being told what to do drives me crazy
  • The sight of blood and guts makes me ill
  • I hate driving
  • I hate being checked up on all the time
  • Pages of numbers give me the jitters
  • I don’t like animals – especially …..!
  • All files should be burnt
  • I’m hopeless with my hands
  • I hate sitting down all the time
  • I’m too short (or tall)
  • I’m hopeless at filling in forms
  • I’m ugly
  • I’m great at maths . . . 2 + 2 = 7
  • I get embarrassed easily
  • Responsibility scares me
  • I don’t like the same routine every day
  • I have delicate nasal passages
  • I feel shy telling others what to do
  • I dislike doing too many things at once
  • Never receiving praise upsets me
  • l love having my weekends free
  • I’m not really fit
  • Books turn me off
  • I’m basically dishonest
  • I don’t need much money
  • I don’t like rude people
  • I get sick a lot
  • Air conditioned buildings get to me
  • I have a lousy memory
  • I don’t like unions
  • Travelling really bugs me
  • I don’t want to take risks
  • I’m not concerned about getting promotion
  • I’ve got a bad back
  • I’m allergic to things
  • I don’t like people criticising me
  • Sometimes I’m careless
  • I’m too skinny (or fat)
  • I hate machines acting as my master
  • I can… no… I can’t make decisions
  • I’m tone deaf
  • I hate standing up for long periods
  • I’ve got no creativity

Next to the statements you marked as TRUE, name some jobs which would involve those things that are NOT really you.

If you like, name some jobs (next to your FALSE statements) which might suit you.

Have you learnt anything about yourself from this exercise?

What? LOL

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