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Job InformationFrom the list of occupations supplied below, match the brief description of the work done (on the left), with the person who carries out those tasks (on the right).

It might be easier to PRINT this page off first and go crazy with a pencil 🙂

A person who:
  • arranges floral decorations for gifts, weddings and funerals
  • assists various tradespeople on a building site
  • can wire or re-wire houses, and install or repair electrical systems
  • checks people’s hearing and prescribes hearing aids if needed
  • cleans, fills and removes teeth
  • collects fares and transports people to their destinations
  • designs new houses, public buildings, shops, etc.
  • does heavy tasks-lifting and transporting patients-in a hospital
  • does typing, shorthand and helps run an office
  • helps customers in a store
  • helps customers plan holiday itinerary and makes bookings for them
  • helps out with the cooking, cleaning and washing up in a kitchen
  • helps young people with their employment problems
  • interviews people and writes stories for a newspaper
  • is concerned with looking after certain areas of wilderness
  • keeps an accurate record of the finances of a business
  • lines the inside walls and ceilings of houses with plasterboard
  • makes and repairs boilers, pressure containers, etc.
  • makes bread and bread rolls
  • makes detailed drawings of the structure of buildings
  • makes exact measurements of roads, land and buildings
  • makes quotations on, and repairs vehicles after accidents
  • observes and forecasts the state of the atmosphere
  • organises and supervises the various trades used on a construction site
  • plans, measures, cuts out and assembles items of furniture
  • prepares estimates of the cost of labour and materials for a building
  • prepares medicines for people from doctor’s prescriptions
  • removes wool from sheep
  • sells and buys property, and manages and values land and buildings
  • sells and repairs locks, makes copies of keys for people
  • shampoos, styles and cuts hair
  • specialises in making foods such as cakes, tarts and pies
  • tests eyesight and prescribes glasses and/or contact lenses
  • treats problems of the feet such as bunions, corns, etc
  • will help a person look after the skin, face and neck
is called a/an:
  • accountant
  • architect
  • audiometrist
  • baker
  • beautician
  • boilermaker
  • builder
  • builder’s labourer
  • bus driver
  • cabinet maker
  • chiropodist
  • dentist
  • draftsperson
  • electrician
  • florist
  • hairdresser
  • journalist
  • kitchen hand
  • locksmith
  • medical orderly
  • meteorologist
  • optometrist
  • panel beater
  • park ranger
  • pastrycook
  • pharmacist
  • plasterer
  • quantity surveyor
  • real estate agent
  • secretary
  • shearer
  • shop assistant
  • surveyor
  • travel agent
  • vocational counsellor

Which of these people would serve as an APPRENTICE or Trainee in their training period?

What training might be required for the other jobs?

Are there any jobs here that YOU might consider doing?

Which ones?


Try to think of jobs …

In terms of their industry groups

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