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Choosing a Career


Bearing in mind the things you know about yourself so far, work out what the Genie has to offer you in the next exercise.

One day you are walking along the beach and you find a really unusual but very attractive bottle.

As you pick it up and start brushing off the sand, out comes a Genie (who also happens to be a Personnel Officer).

This Genie allows you one wish – to choose the perfect job!

Whatever job you choose from the Genie’s list of 20 vacancies, you will be VERY good at, and everyone will respect you.

You must decide straight away, with no help from anyone, as the Genie’s time is very limited……

Which of these jobs will you do?

“Positions Vacant” – Genie Personnel Office

  1. You can be the Prime Minister or President of your country.
  2. You can be appointed as the conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in the country.
  3. You can star in the movies alongside all your idols.
  4. You can be a skilled doctor, performing miracles for the sick and the dying.
  5. You can be a top model, travelling around the world.
  6. You have the chance to do research into your favourite topic and write a book about it.
  7. You can be a mastermind with computers and develop many new and exciting programs.
  8. You can choose to experience the joy of raising two beautiful children.
  9. You can become a guru, guiding others in the way of truth, harmony and philosophy.
  10. You can be the managing director of a huge company.
  11. You could be a brilliant teacher who is loved and appreciated by all the students.
  12. You can be a well-respected journalist who mixes with interesting people and who is able to influence public opinion.
  13. You can be a famous chef, with people queuing to dine at your restaurant.
  14. You could use your skills to invent and discover things which will help make the world a better place.
  15. You can be an adventurer – climbing mountains, crossing deserts. and touring around the world.
  16. You can be a successful singer/composer, expressing your point of view about many things in your songs.
  17. You can be the top sportsperson in your field, enjoying the challenge, training, competition and success.
  18. You are able to see much benefit from your work in helping needy charities.
  19. You can be a top airline flight attendant, seeing the world.
  20. You can decide to do nothing at all! Rest, relax and have no financial worries.


Which one will you choose….
Time is running out ! ! !

Your Choice is ???

Can you give me FIVE good reasons for choosing that one?

What is appealing about each of the other jobs?

What disadvantages might they have?


Go see what the future could hold for the believers… LOL


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