"Have you set yourself a realistic career goal?"


Choosing a CareerWELL…

Your perfect job works fine for a year!

But then your charm, energy and the Genie’s magic start to wear off!

You suddenly find yourself out of work!

Oh No!!!

Not knowing what to do, you wander along that same beach, desperately hoping that you’ll find another bottle with a Genie in it.

You’re about to give up hope, and start rubbing old soft-drink bottles on the off chance that one of them contains a Genie . . . and then – ZAPPPFF !! out of one of these old bottles comes a Genie.

Well… a “sort” of a Genie…

One who started Genie/Personnel Officer School but dropped out after only a couple of months.

Again (at last!) you have one wish, but this Genie says that before you even SEE the list, you MUST AGREE do one of these jobs full-time for twelve months.

You agree because you really want a job,
…… and then you get to see the list……

  • taxi driver on a permanent midnight to dawn shift
  • an encyclopaedia salesperson
  • a deserted spouse with 4 kids under 3, 2 cats, 1 dog and no money
  • collector of donations for charity
  • a chicken plucker
  • a labourer with 4.00am start
  • putting letters into envelopes by the thousands
  • a prostitute on the streets
  • working from 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week in your own shonky business
  • stacking boxes in a dog food factory
  • a debt collector
  • an undertaker
  • making more than 200 telephone sales calls every day
  • a parking cop
  • cleaning under the cages of battery hens
  • building a rabbit proof fence in the outback
  • unclogging blocked drains
  • feeding labels into a labelling machine in a soft drink factory
  • selling papers in peak hour traffic
  • a nurse’s aide in a hospital for the very sick and dying

Which job would you choose? Why?

Was your decision difficult? Why?

Which of these jobs would you be UNABLE to do for a year? Why?
What advantages and disadvantages do each of these jobs have?

What do you think would happen in real life if we pinned all our hopes on one “ideal” job which didn’t work out?

What happens if our expectations are too high? Or too low?

How can we be more realistic in our expectations about getting the job we want?

How can you avoid the “I’ll take a job . . . ANY job” situation?


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