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Job InformationShown below is yet another way of grouping occupations into different categories.

By now, you’ve had a lot of exposure to all different types of jobs!

So you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing this exercise LOL

For each group, try to name FIVE different occupations which would belong to that group.

For groups marked ** you should be able to name TEN occupations 🙂

NOTE: Try not to use the same job title more than once.

Good luck!

  • Jobs with Animals
  • Artistic/Creative Jobs
  • Clothing and Footwear Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Electrical/Electronic Jobs
  • Jobs with Food
  • Horticultural and Rural Jobs
  • Management/Administration Jobs
  • Maths and Computing Jobs
  • Jobs with the Media
  • Office and Clerical Jobs
  • People and Welfare Jobs
  • Sporting Jobs
  • Teaching and Literary Jobs
  • Woodworking Jobs
  • Building – Design and Construction – Jobs**
  • Jobs with Cars and Transport**
  • Engineering and Mining Jobs**
  • Medical/Health Jobs**
  • Metal Work and Printing Jobs**
  • Sales Jobs**
  • Science Jobs**
  • Service Jobs**

Of the job titles you’ve listed, CIRCLE the ones which you think you might have the ability to do AND/OR you are interested in.

Does this suggest anything to you???

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