Choosing a CareerCould any of your past experiences be useful to you when thinking about your career, or when drawing up your resume?

How could they be useful?

List any significant past experiences you have had that may be useful. This could include both GOOD and BAD experiences as they can all have an effect on your career decision making.

To start you off…

Some of the past experiences which you might be thinking about could include the things listed below.

bulletIn your notepad, WRITE DOWN any which relate to you. Also, write down any further details you think necessary.

Travel overseas
Travel around Australia
Competitions entered and/or won
Schools attended
Family problems
Places lived in
Sexual experiences
Involvement in community service work
Civil Defence (bushfire fighting, first aid, SES, etc.)
Member of club or committee
Scouts/Guides etc
Organising a social activity
Growing up as part of a migrant group
Religious involvement
Police record
Casual jobs


Which of these would a potential employer find of value when thinking about your suitability for a position?

Are there any other past experiences you’ve had which could help you when looking for jobs?

Or are there any negative experiences you have had which could suggest jobs you might NOT want to do in the future???

If so, write them down 🙂

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