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Choosing a CareerIt’s unfortunate that most people do not put much thought into their choice of career. It’s a very complex decision making process… and maybe that turns people off doing what they should, often settling for something that doesn’t suit them.

And that’s a shame, considering that you’ll be working for in excess of 40 years!

Imagine… 40 years of doing something that you weren’t really sure about?
Imagine… the effect that could have on the other parts of your life?

We’ll try to simplify the process a little (but not too much) by looking a how you might go about choosing a movie to see… Basically, the “process” is the same 🙂

Hopefully, you would spend a bit more time and effort in choosing your career than you’d spend deciding what movie to see…

ANY decision you make involves going through a process before you actually reach a decision. For example, if you wanted to go to see a movie with some friends, you might:

  • Get the entertainment section from your newspaper or online
  • Look at what movies are on – when and where
  • Discuss with your friends the various movies available
  • Check out some movie trailers
  • Work out which one to go and see
  • Work out how to get there (public transport/car etc)
  • and finally, GO to the movie!

A LOT has actually happened BEFORE you even got to the movie!!!

And (in this case) whether it was all worth it will only be known after you’ve seen it!

In the process of making this decision, you needed to know:

  • information about the OPTIONS available
  • information about whether you might find them suitable to YOU, and
  • help and ADVICE!

You used a variety of RESOURCES to help you find the information about the OPTIONS AVAILABLE and how you could get there, such as your local paper and your bus/train timetables.

You balanced up the information you knew about the movie, with what you knew already about YOURSELF. If it was a very violent movie, and you objected strongly to violence, then you most likely would NOT go. Similarly, if you are not a “romantic” type of person, you would not pay to see a love story.

At the same time, various pieces of ADVICE that you’d picked up – your friends’ comments about the movies, what you had seen (on TV/Internet?) or heard (from other people) or read (in magazines/online?) – also helped you make up you mind to reach a final decision.

This is EXACTLY the same process you need to go through when choosing a career to follow…

You must:

  • find out information about the JOBS available
  • work out if that job suits YOU
  • get some help and ADVICE along the way to make sure all bases are covered!

Considering a normal career is usually a lot longer than a 1.5 hour movie 🙂 – then you really should put some serious thought into it all.

OK… Let’s Start!

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