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Choosing a CareerMany people set themselves UNrealistic goals. Read through the stories below and see if you can identify them… and help sort these people out 🙂

In every story below,
each person is being UNrealistic
in some way with regards to their thoughts on the future.

Can you spot it? List the ways in which they are being realistic, and UNrealistic…

NORMA knows what she wants from life. At 16 she is going to leave school and find a job. She’ll get married at 19 and have her first child before she is 21. She’s already collecting things for her glory box.

WAYNE has one aim – to play first-grade football for Norths and then even make a representative side. He is probably the best kicker in his local junior team and nothing but football matters to him, especially at school. He won’t need anything else anyway – his football will earn him a fortune and he’ll retire young.

ZOEY isn’t really sure of what she will do – not even whether she’ll go on and finish high school. Who knows what she might do after that? Why plan – they might just drop the bomb tomorrow, or she might get run over by a bus, or….

PETER is blind, but that is not going to stop him going to university to study and then become a Professor. He knows it will be a battle, but life has been a pretty big battle for him and he’s made it this far O.K. He’s sure that if it is determination which wins through in the end, then he’ll make it.

BOB has always wanted to be a Policeman. His friends tell him that unless he grows a lot in the next year or so, he hasn’t a hope of being selected. Bob reckons he will show them all and enrols in an expensive body-building course at the local health club.

TERRI would like to be an executive secretary for a large firm. This would provide her with enough money to do some travelling in a few years time. She really hasn’t thought about marriage, but feels that it would have to be a “Mr Right” and certainly not right away thank you!

DOMINIC has attended a church boarding school for many years and feels very secure there. He intends to join the religious order which runs the school as soon as he is able.

DIANNE has, for as long as she can remember, always wanted to be a doctor. She is now just starting her senior high school work, and her results so far don’t seem to suggest that she will qualify for entry to uni to do medicine. Whenever anyone suggests to her that perhaps she should think of some other type of career, Dianne gets very upset and says she is definitely going to be a doctor.

GLORIA doesn’t seem to worry much about her future. She doesn’t have too- it already seems pretty laid out anyway, particularly as far as work is concerned. Her parents expect Gloria to finish her secondary education and then help with the family business which will eventually be hers.

If YOU were offering them help and advice, what would you suggest?

What do they need to make a good decision about what they will do with their lives? What things do they need to discover about THEMSELVES and about JOBS? Why?

Is there any harm in being a little unrealistic? How can you combine hopes and dreams with realism?

What are the alternatives open to them? What could they do right now to prepare for their future?

How could each of these people work to fulfil their dreams?

JOHN is a good cricketer. At 15 he is playing well with the district team. His dream is to be on the Aussie Cricket Team.

  • Is he being realistic?
  • How could he make his dream come true?
  • What other preparations should he make for his future?

MARY wants to be an Electrical Engineer. She is very good at Maths and Science and really enjoys doing English and History. As she approaches senior studies she must make some decisions about which subjects to do.

  • What subjects should Mary do?
  • What other steps must she take in order to reach her goal of being an Electrical Engineer?

HUGO’s dream is to be a builder.

  • What skills does Hugo need to do that?
  • What else does he need?

ELLEN feels called to help the less fortunate in a third world country.

  • How can Ellen prepare herself
  • What skills/information would help her?

TOM wants to own and run a restaurant in ten years time.

  • What steps would he need to take to make that dream possible?
  • What things would Tom need to be good at now which would show that he might have a chance to fulfil this dream?

Now… It’s Very Important…

That YOU try to set some personal career goals!

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