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Résumé Generator

One of the hardest parts of applying for jobs and securing employment in your career of choice, is preparing your resume.

You can use this quick and very simple version of our original Résumé Generator, which has been on line since January 1996 and has helped prepare over 50,000 resumes!

Or you should try our new resume tool called The RezWiz! He's based on this routine... but heaps better! And he's free to have a look at. Interested? Then click the link at the bottom of this screen to check out The RezWiz!

The Smart Career Moves Résumé Generator will help you prepare a better than basic resume. It will build a basic resume which contains all of the essential elements, and allow you to carry out some basic formatting.

If you need to change any aspect of your Smart Career Moves Résumé, simply use the back key, change the details, and post the form again.

Your Smart Career Moves Résumé can also be saved to your local hard disk for later editing (off-line if you're clever), and re-processing when you're back on line again later!

Once you're happy with it, print out the generated html file, or save it to disk. You now have the basis from which you can make a "fancier" one using your favourite word processor! (also very useful to check your spellin!)

A Smart Career Moves Résumé is pretty fancy enough for most people anyway... check out our examples of one Résumé made using the various formatting options available!

If you know a little html, you might even like to save the source to disk, add a couple of additional tags, and voila! An even fancier resume!

Preparing an accurate resume is not an easy task! It is not one than can be done with little or no preparation beforehand.

Before you start
to enter any information into the Smart Career Moves Résumé Generator, you will need to
preview the questions first!

HINT: print the next page out, do your homework, and then come back when you have all your data together. You need to enter as much information as possible for every question asked.

WARNING: do NOT put full stops (periods, whatever) at the END of any of the information you enter. The Smart Career Moves Résumé Generator might want to combine pieces of your info and a full stop in the middle of a sentence will look a little strange!

By the way... remember to delete any of our little "messages" in the boxes!

Ready? Then let's go... to generate your resume!

Remember... this is the "basic" version. If you're looking for a better routine, try out our Résumé tool called The RezWiz! Check him out here!

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