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Job Interviews

Interviews are the final hurdle.

The most critical time is the interview. It's taken you a lot of hard work to score one... so don't blow it!

You be the Boss! | How do You Rate? | Preparing for the Interview | Punctuality Plus! | Arriving for Your Interview | During the Interview | Answering Questions | More Questions | Asking Questions | Non-verbal Communication | An Interview Dialogue | How to Recover from a Disaster! | Experts Reveal Their Secrets | 200 Questions


Hopefully you've secured a job by now.

An interesting fact is that we change jobs probably four or five (or even more) times in our life!

So, we will see you again at Careers OnLine for a refresher course... but not too soon, you hear!

We would appreciate it if you could take a couple of moments to let us know if Careers OnLine provided you with the service you wanted? How could it be improved?

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