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Outsourcing Creates New Jobs

Despite, the hue and cry over off-shoring of call centre and programming jobs, the backlash against outsourcing is far too exaggerated. Global Insight, a survey company hired by Information Technology Association of America concluded that the entire process of off-shoring / outsourcing created more jobs than those lost. .

A worldwide economy is bound to lead to globalisation leaving no industry safe from its effects, as off-shoring / outsourcing news proves every day. From online tutors coaching American children to lawyers outsourcing legal research / briefs for upcoming cases to India, it is a trend here for the long-term. As most companies do business overseas, what can be more natural than they employ people based in the country of their business interests? Low wages, high tech communication are just a few factors that provide enormous incentive to move operations overseas.

Criticism against outsourcing / off-shoring is misplaced as the Global Insight study reports. Rather than reducing US jobs, outsourcing / off-shoring has helped lower costs and create jobs as a result of a more efficient economy. According to the report, in the year 2003, 194,000 IT and non-IT jobs were created largely due to outsourcing / off-shoring. And, it is expected by 2008, that number may well exceed the 589,000 new jobs created mark.

If outsourcing / off-shoring is generating so many new jobs, and at the same time lowering costs, while making the American economy function with smooth efficiency, why is there so much breast-beating about lost jobs? Companies outsourcing / off-shoring low-end work, free employees to concentrate on streamlining other aspects of their business. Overall, no one loses while everyone benefits from the current outsourcing / off-shoring trend! Instead of moaning and groaning, adapt, innovate, and hone your skills or simply change your job for something you have always wanted to do but never had the courage to try! Outsourcing / off-shoring is the future, the sooner one understands and accepts, the better!

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