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Cracking it as a News Journalist?
Despite what all the naysayers are preaching, it's an exciting time to want a job in print journalism... [More]
Last modified :: Fri Dec 23 12:20:49 2011

Earning an Extra Income
Extra Income means an income that you can earn apart from the regular income coming in from employment or normal work. This earning can be used to payoff your outstanding debts or build up a capital account or spend it on luxuries that you could only think about before [More]
Last modified :: Fri Feb 19 11:19:26 2010

Acceptance Is The Answer To All Our Problems
Many people today have lost jobs after decades of service; many others suffer within jobs they can see no way out of. [More]
Last modified :: Thu Oct 9 17:05:07 2008

Leave On Good Terms: Save Regret
The exit interview is not a time to burn bridges with your old company. It has become a very common ritual throughout corporate America, and the idea behind it is to find out from departing staff members, when they no longer have to worry about protecting jobs, exactly what things at the company can be improved upon. [More]
Last modified :: Tue Mar 21 00:49:33 AEDT 2017

Apprenticeships : Fantastic Learning Opportunity
Although apprenticeship is a fantastic occupational learning opportunity, it is not an option to be pursued lightly. Weigh your options and make an educated decision about the time and other commitments, before you jump into an apprenticeship program. [More]
Last modified :: Thu Oct 9 17:04:33 2008

Bartender : Would You Make a Good One?
When you party at a nightclub or visit a resort do you notice the bartenders and envy their life? Whether you're looking for a part-time job to pay for tuition or thinking of a new career, bartending can be a rewarding experience - but could you really work as a bartender? [More]
Last modified :: Tue Mar 21 00:55:06 AEDT 2017

How to Give Compliments at Work
As a manager you are responsible for the smooth running of company affairs. You know that this takes the effort of every person who reports to you [More]
Last modified :: Tue Mar 21 00:56:36 AEDT 2017

Interviews : The Moment of Truth
So you’ve managed to secure a job interview for a position that fits you PERFECTLY. Now comes the moment of truth: Are you REALLY ready for the interview? If you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say and know the perfect answer to every potential question, you’re half way there. There’s just one important thing you’ve forgotten... [More]
Last modified :: Tue Mar 21 01:00:08 AEDT 2017

Finding Jobs Online
Depending on your specific line of work, looking for jobs on the Internet could be a great way to find new and interesting opportunities. Whether you are looking for an academic or a technology job, a secretarial or a research position, there are many online resources that can help you find the job you need and the salary you desire. [More]
Last modified :: Thu Oct 9 16:47:45 2008

Keep Cool : How to Deal With Criticism
Some people are simply never satisfied. Overlook these shortsighted individuals and know deep down that you are making positive progress despite their attempts to drag you down [More]
Last modified :: Wed Mar 28 09:22:19 2007

A Look At Some Of The Ordinary Jobs
What do you want to be when you grow up? Chances are if you ask that question in any third grade class, your answers will include at least one fireman, one policeman, one cowboy and an assortment of other jobs that are glamorized on television and books. [More]
Last modified :: Fri Feb 19 11:22:07 2010

Outsourcing Creates New Jobs
Despite, the hue and cry over off-shoring of call centre and programming jobs, the backlash against outsourcing is far too exaggerated. Global Insight, a survey company hired by Information Technology Association of America concluded that the entire process of off-shoring / outsourcing created more jobs than those lost. . [More]
Last modified :: Wed Mar 28 09:22:56 2007

For Those Who Are Really Sick Of Their Jobs Working For Others
Majority of people are trapped in the rat race having jobs working for others but do not know how to get out. This article offers a way out to achieve freedom through earning passive income. Internet business is recommended because it is exciting, rewarding and best home based business. Tips are given that are designed for professional business working from home. [More]
Last modified :: Thu Oct 9 17:02:45 2008

Virtual Assistant Jobs
7 Ways To Locate Clients And Jobs. Virtual Assistant jobs are out there, you just have to know how and where to find them [More]
Last modified :: Fri Feb 19 11:22:29 2010

Facts about Searching Jobs Abroad
Job hunting abroad can be both an opportunity and an adventure. There are hurdles to overcome when searching for the right job abroad. Let's take going to Madrid, Paris, Rome or London for example. It's not enough to just send resumes, the idea should be "get the luggage and get on the plane." [More]
Last modified :: Sat Mar 10 03:45:05 CST 2007

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